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cast your life.

I found this meme via fraiisy so I thought I'd have a go.
I've only used actors and one fashion designer!
I might do another version with models~

Your Alias ~ The Main Character
Alexis Bledel
She's absolutely stunning and I really am a little in love with her attitude!

Your True Love
Eddie Redmayne
This was unbelievably difficult to decide upon but I do really love Mr. Redmayne!

The Mistake
Tom Sturridge
I reject this title because Tom could never, ever be a mistake! I really adore him!

The True Love's Best Friend
Nicholas Hoult
I honestly love him and I think he'd be an amazing guy to just hang out with.

The Rival
Gemma Arterton
She's beautiful but I can envision her as a rival! 

The Parents
Colin Firth and Julianne Moore
Do I really need to explain? Julianne Moore is my inspiration and Colin Firth is incredible.
Tom Ford for Godfather perhaps?

The Sister
Zooey Deschanel
She'd make a perfect older sister - I love her attitude, her music and her looks!

The Best Friend
Emma Watson
It would be fun to hang around with her, plus, she reminds me of Sophie!

The Gay Best Friend
Christopher Bailey
I cheated on the 'only actors' rule! But, can you blame me?

The City
Of course, it's my home. Photo via fraiisy.